The Light of Truth was written over 10 years ago now. It has been written entirely whilst in close prayer and every word has been given by The Holy Spirit.

Each one of us has to come to the point where we wonder what life is all about. How it is we are alive, how the world was made, and most importantly - why? When i searched openly for the truth - i found God. He is a Spirit full of love and compassion! I asked him everything i could, showed him every doubt that science and modern society has raised in me. He answered all my questions and sometimes i was told to write the answers down. I knew i was probably the most unsuitable and unlikely person to do this for him! However it made it clear to me how i was merely a pen in his hand, and so i wish to remain anonymous.

I will be delighted to hear your comments and answer any questions you may have. You can do so in the contact section.

About half of the first book is available to view on the book extracts section. The remainder of the Light of Truth part one is available via the download section. There is a small charge of £4.00 which is to help the collation of the Light of Truth part two, which is already written.

I hope and pray the Light of Truth will be of help, as you look to find your way. God bless you x